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This wintry tale follows twelve noble knights as they are summoned to defend their kingdom once more. The fearless voyage into Hyper Horology™ brings the warriors to an erupting ice-bound lake, encircled by a Titanium Damascus case forged in fire.

limited pieces
hours of power reserve
Dial components


In tribute to the legendary fable of the Knights Of The Round Table, our craftsmanship has embraced its own spirit of bravery, demonstrating unique savoir-faire throughout the design.


Beneath the bezel, a secret window has been created, providing a full view of the knights that is only available to the wearer. It’s the perfect way to enjoy all aspects of their features, from every possible angle. 

Courage in Craftsmanship

Creating the twelve pink-gold knights is a meticulous process that requires true patience. Each 6mm hero is set in their own individual pose, expertly micro-engraved and infused with personality. Together, they form a scene charged with energy.


Showcasing our skill in skeletonised design, the oscillating weight is inspired by the stained-glass windows of medieval churches and castles. Although lighter and smaller than typical rotors, and with a shorter lever arm, it loses none of the performance. 


The Arthurian legend may be centuries old, but our Maison tells the story through a modern interpretation of materials – each one exquisite in its style and complex in its craft.  

Metal Born from Fire

Following an ancient form of steel craftsmanship, the watch’s 45mm case is made from luxurious Titanium Damascus. The fiery process requires repetitive cutting, folding, and heating of the metal, as well as a final acid bath, but it results in a patterned and durable design of sublime quality.

Guardians of the Ice

The lake’s ice-blue glass is crafted following the Murano method – with an ice-blue colour that took 6 months to achieve. For the glistening effect of powdered snow, the blocks are coated with unique biscuit porcelain of Limoges, and then carefully pieced together one by one.


This incredible timepiece is powered by the automatic RD821 calibre, made in-house at our fully integrated manufacture, and hand-finished according to the criteria of the Poinçon de Genève; one of the most exclusive certifications in watchmaking.

Damascus Titanium

Knights of the round table Damascus Titanium 45mm

Limited to 28 pieces, our latest creation reveals a wintry adventure led by 12 pink-gold knights. The ice-blue lake is a stunning expression of the Murano glass technique, with each snowy block coated in unique biscuit porcelain of Limoges. Along with a Titanium Damascus case and a Quick Release calf skin leather strap, the automatic RD821 calibre offers 48 hours of power reserve and a skeletonized rotor inspired by medieval stained-glass.
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